Thursday, 13 December 2007

Innovation project-movie

Keywords  transformation, Interactive, communication, hybrid, fractal Research Question Can interactive and transformative textile bring more convenient and pleasure to our life? Rationale & Context Today’s textile design has developed as the technology advances. Also it shows the very close relationship with new materials, art and design as well as technological and scientific demand for consumers by leading the consumers with the variety to their fixed view. My innovation project based on fractal structures which suggest new fabrication. This formation is continuously changed their form and function as well as pattern and color. 1. Inspiration I was interested in human body and internal organ structure. During the investigation, I found very interesting factor that many parts of human internal organ formed fractal structure which is the smaller portions of the human circulation roughly resemble(to roughly resemble) the general structure. This fractal structures are chaotic forms that are complex even though only a few simple mathematical rules can produce their shapes. (Philip M, 1996) Using this structure, I made 3 dimensional forms through pleating fabric and hand cutting. 2. Experimental Result This fabric looks small pieces. However, when this fabric was wide out, this fabric can change into various shapes and forms. And when lamp in cloth was turned on by lampshade, the pattern and color were changed. The pattern also continually made small shapes by getting the inspiration of the fractal image and designed image of brain, the lungs, line blood vessel and etc or used geometric fractal form into pattern by simplifying pattern. And if the lamp is turned on by using Thermo chromic pigment, temperature is risen so the pattern of lampshade is disappeared or color and form are changed.

Innovation project